Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cottage Country

We went to our friends' Wobb and Ka'in's cottage this past weekend. It was the best! I played hockey with badminton raquets, I swam in the lake, I went in a boat. The best part was staying up late with all the adults. Mom and Dad said we're going back soon. I can't wait to play with Wobb again! Yay!

Wobb wobb wobb wobb....

Swimming in the lake:

My cool jacket. It's boo and y'llow:

The cottage is on the right-most island. We're on the dock we used to get there:

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Final Countdown

I can count to 10 now. Watch:


Yay me!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm 2 today! At least, I think that's why Mommy kept singing that song to me over and over today. I had a great party on Saturday. My friends came over, there were balloons, and cupcakes, and hot dogs, and presents. It was neat!. Here're some pictures:

Gramma was icing the cupcakes and gave me a preview:

Uncle Derek made us yummy hot dogs and cheeseburgers:

We played fun games, like rake the yard:

I was so excited about the balloons I did't want to nap and use up any time plyaing with them! Boy was I tired that night!:

Mommy made me this awesome cake. It had a lion on it:

I knew right away that I had to blow out the candles. Daddy thought Mommy couldn't count cuz she put 3 candles on the cake, but everyone knows you need one for good luck. Silly Daddy.

My shorty E is missing, but these are my peeps:

Here I am opening my awesome gifts. I've got great friends who know what I like, cuz so far everything I got has been way fun. The jungle animals are cool, the basketball net is smokin', the bath paints and stickers are a hoot, the singing dinosaur is great to dance to, the Higglytown Heroes are great, the clothes are neat and the stuffed animals are cuddly. I also love the books and can't wait for Daddy to put together my trike. And Mommy says the money will help with my edumacation, whatever that is.

I could totally get used to this birthday thing. Can we do it again tomorrow? Encore, 'core?