Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Best New Game EVER!

I was at Gramma and Buhpa's today, beatin' the heat in my pool on the patio. At one point, I got outta the pool and peed (I was naked, you see). Mommy filled the bucket with water and washed it away. I just watched in amazement. That was it! I peed over there (just a little), filled the bucket, and washed it away. Then I did it again over here. Then over there. It was great fun, and the patio is really clean too!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Reporting In

Next week is my second birthday! Oh yeah... Presents!

I should be getting some good stuff because I got a good report card from my daycare this week. Check it out:

Individual Learning
He is doing great!! He is interested in almost anything and he can do so much. He is crazy about art activities and listening to books being read.

Social Learning
He is very social, loves friends, plays with them, hugs+kisses.. but this curious boy wants to try everything, even try to make them cry! He think "oops" when they cry, then he gives them hugs. Oh well!

Creative Learning
He is a genius at finding how to have fun! Friends like to follow Benjamin, 'cause he always does fun things. He enjoys and is very good at pretend play.

Prep Learning
Needs to work on his alphabet and concept of time. Do not worry... it's too early for this age!! But for sure he is interested in ABC's and numbers.

Other Interests
I love doing music activities when he is there, 'cause he really enjoys music! Playing outside? Well, he can play outside all day!

His language skills are much better! We can communicate with him quite well. Sometimes it's difficult for him to follow the rules, he'd rather follow his own interests.

Ok, well, I don't follow rules and I hurt my classmates but that just means I'm ready for high school.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Early Bird Catches the worm

Not sure why they call it the "terrible twos". I heard so much about it, I thought I'd try it out early. There ain't nothing terrible about it! I can do what I want, when I want. Nothing can stop me now!

Mom's looking a little wild eyed, though. I feel kinda bad about that. She still gives me lotsa hugs, so I guess she can't be too mad.