Sunday, July 20, 2008

Monday, July 07, 2008

3 Is Key!

I'm a big boy! My birthday was last week, and now I'm 3 bunnies old! We had so much cake last week, it was awesome! I spent the whole week on a sugar high. I'm just starting to come down now. On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy threw me a birthday party. It was terrific. So many people but luckily it was a nice day outside, so we had lots of toys and the pool and bubbles and everything. I got some cool presents. My friends know me pretty well. I scored lotsa Cars swag. Puzzles, PJs, a tshirt, a memory game. I also got other stuff that wasn't McQueen, but just as cool. More puzzles, and some game about slides and ladders. Not sure about that one yet. Gamma and Grampa even got me a bike! Here are some pictures of my party. Pay particular attention to the cool cake Mommy made me.

My first cake, the day before my birthday:

My hot new wheels:

My teetar cake:

Backyard bliss:

Post party pooped:

ALso, I caved. Note the tightie whities: